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Originally Posted by kennyidaho View Post
HTC can't seem to keep their phones secret for very long. If you have not seen pictures of it yet I highly doubt that is close to release. I also doubt they would release a CDMA version first. It could be announced - but I think you are safe getting your droid.

It seems to always be the same process for each HTC device. Rumours, renders/stats, pictures, unlocked GSM rumour release date, more pictures, rumours that sprint/verizon will get it (and change everything good about it), GSM release, CDMA rumours, CDMA version announced, sprint/verizon drag feet getting it to market, released, then finally people complain A LOT that it was not the end all be all like they had hyped it up to be.

(See Vogue, Raphael/Herman, Dream, Hero, Magic etc)
Exactly, which is why i am not an HTC fan, but they are getting close.
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