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Originally Posted by sooper_droid12 View Post
Well, based on your page long diatribe, you'd be the pot calling the kettle black as far as fanboys are concerned. You sound like an HTC (Sense UI) fanboy calling out DROID fanboys because they call out iPhone fanboys for being fanboys. The VZW commercials said nothing false. The DROID does do a lot of things that the iPhone doesn't do. The commercials never said DROID does and Sense UI doesn't.

That being said, for the next big thing, the DROID does do a lot of things not seen on a phone before. Talk about infancy: Android OS is in its infant state, so it's obvious there will be some deficiencies as they define the "Google Experience."

Talk about doing things best in class: HTC does the widget thing best in class. But that doesn't mean that Sense UI is perfect. It's a memory hog and needs almost 100 mb of RAM just to run well. It needs to inherit the HD2 hardware with 448 mb RAM, 128 of which is used up by the GPU, so that the resulting RAM is similar to that available on the DROID for running and storing apps.

What I'm saying is it's not sufficient to say one is better or worse than another, but that each accomplishes what it set out to do. Who knows? If Passion does come out, it may not even have Sense UI if it's supposed to be the TRUE Google Experience. Google made that clear when it talked about the difference between "Google Experience," and "with Google" phones. The HTC Passion may be running a version of Android beyond 2.0 without Sense, if it indeed is the gPhone.

We just assume that because it's an HTC phone, it will have Sense UI. But as I said all along, it's all speculation. The phone is fiction at this point.
Android is not an infant mobile OS it was actually created 2 years before the IphoneOS. Android is Linux based and Iphone is a variant of MacOS. Google started pressing the Mobile OS space a few months after the iPhone was released. Google had/has as many or more resources as Apple does/did to gather engineers and such to create a competing OS So it's actually less infant than the iphone just more malformed and neglected than the iphone. Hopefully until now.

Google's supposed "Google experience" marketing ploy IMO just shows incompetency, basically it seems to mean " a incomplete/buggier experience than "with Google" phones.

I would say Sense runs pretty darn well on the ancient processors that HTC has stuck in their current devices. Its the app load times that suck.
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