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Since Yankee and I obviously have very similar phones (time and time again we seem to be eye to eye when it comes to various ROMs' performance, or lack thereof, and issues related) I think we should be added to the testers list.

(hint hint)

OK, back to the topic - This ROM flies, right up until I push the 1200 kernel onto my phone. Then it starts doing stupid things like lagging a bit.

I got over 24 hours of usages on the initial run of 1.6 - but I forgot that it was the stock kernel. After rectifying that situation I got issues galore - and all of them very very flaky issues too.

1.6 overall still runs better than 1.5 did when using the same kernel, and 1.6 runs better when running stock. I might just leave that stock kernel alone, and leave my phone at 1000 MHz - b/c at the stock kernel on the stock ROM, it is still just as fast as any ROM / kernel combination I have ever used.

2 good things come out of this - I am stressing my CPU less with a lower OC, and my battery will last longer for the same reason.

Now, onto some other idiosyncrasies.

I installed the black and bold theme, and while I like it a lot (A lot), I have to say that it is just too devoid of color for me. Optimally, replacing all the white with a cool baby bluish color I have developed would be awesome - but I have not the skills to do that on my own - yet. I have the tools necessary now, and I am going to take a stab at it and see if it works - but my biggest issue is probably going to be the apps that come installed with the ROM in system memory - while a black Twitter and Black FB looks nice, when I open Twitter an go the the main page the image is subtly 'flashing' - almost as if it is a low power (not low frequency) strobe effect. It gets annoying quickly.

Then, there is the issue that even after completely removing Swype, I could not install it - it kept telling me it as already installed - but that could also be due to the fact that I used TiBu to restore it to test my theory that if you restore all of it including settings, then it works - once I did that I may have hosed future installs b/c of the data that was simply not being removed like it should have been...

Finally, there is the issue where installing the ROM and the theme in he same pass in recovery leaves me with a temporarily bricked phone - another theory I was testing. It starts to load the first 5-6 frames of the bootanim, then cycles back to trying to load the same 5-06 frames, repeatedly. Obviously, this ROM requires hat you install and set up the ROM first and then reboot into recovery and install the them (or, at least it does on my phone....)

I have the stock back on and I may try the smoked theme this time again - I still love the smoked theme a little bit better b/c I want smoke glass effects as opposed to black effects - but the android KB in B&B is by far the best themed stock IME I have seen in a long time.

I am taking a whirl at making the B&B redux, and if that works, then I may make the Smoked redux as well - depends upon how well my image editing goes. If all goes well, I'll try to see if anyone else like it.

Finally, a few thoughts: What could possibly be causing my phone to feel so sluggish when on a 1200 kernel that it is not doing on a 1000 kernel? I noticed that on 1200 when on interactive the phone would get hot pretty fast when browsing for simple things, so it may be the combination of those things and a few others....regardless, though, I am going to try several things different with this second install and see if manually setting everything up versus using TiBu helps me out in the long run or not.

It's 2:36 AM here right now - I might be done by 6 AM with all this lol....

Files for the Motorola® DROID® BIONIC®:
Motorola USB drivers v5.9.0 | Motorola RSD Lite v5.7
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