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The problem that you have with getting rid of water, is that it evaporates and mixes with the air, but unless it has somewhere to go it will just condense back onto another part of the phone.

My advice, based on sorting out boat mounted electronic equipment, would be to remove the back, the battery, sim, SD card and anything else that can be removed to make it easy for the water vapour and air mixture to escape.

Put the phone, face down over a source of gentle heat, a TV or Computer monitor as previously suggested, would be ideal, otherwise on a shelf over a radiator. Ideally your phone should not get hotter than 60 deg C.

Leave for 24 hours and then slightly reposition phone and repeat, this should allow any trapped moisture to have a way out. Obviously the parts that you have removed can be dried alongside the phone.

I usually place a plastic bottle top containing a few drops of water along side the unit being dried, on the principle that when that water dries then the water inside should have dried.

Hope that this helps.
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