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Originally Posted by johnlgalt View Post
For all who see this:

If you restore Swype using TiBu, then you may run into problems. However, just uninstalling the Swype app will give you problems - b/c Swype is an IME, and removing doesn't remove it from the system correctly, so if you use the installer to try to install it again, you'll run into an error message similar to "Swype is already installed. Please uninstall it first before continuing."

To remedy this, you only need to uninstall Swype (not the installer), then reboot the phone and finally, run the installer. I have heard of some limited success with folks just force closing the desktop, and one person said to first go into Manage Applications / use a task kill and kill the Swype service, but this method I am outlining works as long as the install is nor corrupted and cannot be removed.

No issues with the market FCing - when installing the ROM, did you wipe as suggested? Did you install the ROM and nothing else, or did you go ahead and apply themes and / or a kernel in the same cycle?

Just curious here?
I wiped everything 3 times just for good measure.

I installed LFYv1.6 properly, and then the Galaxy S theme.

Using TiBackup I restored swype (the current version)
and it works and I've never had a FC since flashing.

The market in my previous 1.5 LFY would take some time to
*load* but in 1.6 it flies. I just wanted to put that out there.

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