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Originally Posted by Yeahha View Post
Just a few thoughts on your issues... if your phone is running fast enough on the stock kernel that you did not notice you were not running at 1200 why change kernels? If you run faster your battery life will be decreased and your phone will run hotter.
Umm, yeah, I know well the results of using a faster kernel - however, I also have 170+ apps installed on my phone (for a grand total of 258 when SDMove searches for apps that can be moved to the SDCard) and I have 2 spare batteries, one of which is fully charged while another is in the phone and the third is charging....

I am fully prepared for battery consumption (other than that I faced in 1.5 - 80% in 3-5 hours was a bit too much), but I need the raw power b/c at any given moment I am connected to numerous IM clients, plus reading twitter, searching the web, etc. - and let's leave out gaming altogether for now, m'kay?

My comments in the post you replied to were reflection on the changes from 1.5 and my previous experience with 1.6 - 1.5 was horrid on my phone, for a number of reasons, and this was a reflection that 1.6 was so smooth and fast that I actually forogt I was runnig stock - nothing more, nothing less.

Originally Posted by Yeahha View Post
Also the problems you are having with swype and a temporary boot loop seem like user error and not a problem with the rom. I have tried using titanium to restore swype and it fails for me every time. As for flashing roms and then themes without rebooting in between seems to be hit or miss with me, some roms seem to agree play fine with those installs while others will not. I personally let my system sync on the stock version of the rom before applying any themes.
Incorrect. As I sated, they were tests I performed, and I reported back the results.

Originally Posted by Yeahha View Post
As to your last question. Your experience with the 1200 kernel sounds like mine. When running it my phone also lags I also experience random crashes of apps when running at that speed, the lower speed kernels seem to work better and more stable. I blame this on the hardware limitations, when motorola made the phone they designed it to run at 550 when the phone is OCed to 1200 it is running at more than 2x what the manufacturer intended. While the CPU can obviously handle these speeds other components of the phone may not be able to at all times.

Just my 2¢
The problem with these (mine) observations, though, is that previously, I have had no issues running 1200 MHz kernels - they flew right along, and using on-demand scaling in SetCPU allowed me decent battery times as well, for times when the phone was not in heavy use - under heavy use I could get 5 hours of use, under moderate 8 hours, and having a spare battery doubles those times. So, now I am aiming at testing the interactive versus the on-demand scaling and seeing which really works better for me.

With 1.4 I got pretty much the same results as I had been getting reviously under ROMs like BB, UD, etc., but upon loading 1.5 things went south - quickly - I was getting 3-5 hours under moderate use, and I could not even begin to try to use my phone heavily at all - so many idiosyncrasies popped up that it was ridiculously painful to even try to use the phone.

You have to realize that this is not my first rodeo - I've been rooted for a while now (~7 months), and this has to be around my 30th ROM that I have tried on my phone, not to mention I have used a good number (the vast majority) of kernels out there as well. I do what I do not to necessarily mess things up, but to test and see if particular shortcuts and / or processes that have worked for me in the past will work now.

For example, in this second iteration of LFY 1.6, I let it sync all of my apps on its own, ran the Swype installer, rebooted the phone, then ran TiBu and ran the script that loads all apps and system data, moving the selection to data only, and unchecking Swype and Swype Installer.

All of my settings were restored, but more than that - all of my widgets were restored in LP and I did not have to remove missing widgets and re-add them to my home screen.

It's refining little processes like this that allow me to be more accurate in helping other folks out on best practices on how to make and use and restore application backups, as well as help folks with things like Factory Data Resets, loading ROMs, etc.

Hope this puts my previous comments in a new light.

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