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Originally Posted by DjOutlaw32 View Post
Now that we have flash available on our devices, who wants to play flash games!?
Well from what I know right now the only two sites I know of and are optimized for android are:
MochiGames Mobile
Kongregate Games
Shockwave has some games that works too, not mobile optimized
(thanks to inssane) Adultswims has some good games! extremely fun.
but thats why we have a keyboard
(note:some games boot you out of the browser completely)

I don't know if anyone knows of any other sites, but if you do please add them here with maybe a little bit of feedback of them as well.
So far kongregate games are pretty fun, and have a pretty good selection.
The only games I played from mochigames was blood red, and throw kitty (haha, only if we could in real life, lol) throw kitty is fun, but a little lag was noticeable and that could be because of my connection though. Blood red was a bit laggy as well ( a shooter game).
Mochi is an aggregator. You can a developer, producer, or both. As a developer you will develop games and mochi makes them available to producers. As a producer you can get mochi feeds, download the flash games (and associated information) to your website and self host. I have made several websites (and a facebook app) based on the mochi feed. It's actually pretty cool because as a producer you get money for click throughs on mochi adds in the game. As a developer you get a piece of the add money as well. There are also "premium" games that allow people to buy items or in game currency with real money. As a developer you get the lions share of that (producers get some if the developer decides to share ).
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