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Originally Posted by jmccarthy14 View Post
Seems you really dislike the droid, not really sure why. I've asked before, but why do you think if you hate android on the Droid that you'd love it with a better facebook/photo app and no keyboard (that can possibly break)?

Everything else I've seen has said the performance difference is questionable, and the screen is likely the same size but worse resolution. Sense UI is great, but I'm just wondering why it makes the difference between love and hate for you?

I want a passion btw, because I like sense UI and the lack of moving parts to break, but I would also really like a droid, so unless Passion comes out in this next month, I will probably get the droid on a 1 year (10 months till upgrade). I'm just not sure if sense UI makes it 'surpass' the droid enough to be worth keeping an iphone for another half year, for me.

I dont dislike the Droid but there are a lot of things that fall short of expectations. I have made many lengthy posts on why, so just look up my posts for my take on it....
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