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Originally Posted by jmccarthy14 View Post
I agree with one of them, the processor kills the Eris, I would consider it with a better screen with processor, but that's what we're waiting for with the passion no?

Anyway, it seems like a lot of your issue is with the apps. Maybe this is me being optimistic (or impatient and wanting Any android phone), but once Android becomes THE platform, won't it become trivial to find a decent facebook/twitter app (not that those are that important to me), and a multitouch browser for photos and the net? To me to be honest the big thing that hooked me was the useless but utterly cool weather effects on the HD2. But what if beautiful widgets are finally mastered?

All I'm saying is that with the droid being so new, and many of your complaints being software related, do you see many of them being dealt with as the user base grows? I may just be hopeful.
Yes I agree that the software is the major downfall of the droid. The hard keyboard and Dpad are pretty sucky, but serviceable. I liked the look and weight at first but i do notice the weight and corners are actually make it pretty uncomfortable when using it as a phone, almost bruises your palm in long calls, you will find youself changing the way you normally hold a handset.

The first droid I had was tight this one now has some clicking in the upper left, but both ave been very annoying to pocket, the weight in pocket is noticeable but the bad part is the slider almost always slides out about1/4-1/2 inch making it wider in pocket but most annoyingly causing the screen to come on and if you use pattern lock you will find your phone in emergency dial mode or excessive bad pattern error. This is a major hardware flaw IMO although it could be somewhat remedied through software by allowing the option to not turn on when slider is opened.

I used to think a hardware keyboard was a necessity until I used HTC's keyboard on the Hero for a month and it was damn good. You dont even need to punch the right letters or even look at the keys it predicts so well. It is better to have a great predictive software keyboard that is roomy with offset keys and true multitouch than a thin, aligned, peeling key, unpredictive hard keyboard which gives multiple hardware failure points in the keys and slider mechanisms. The only prob I had with the Hero and Eris is sometimes the softkeyboard can get laggy due to the ancient processor.

I would say the only app/widget that could match HTCs is Beautiful widgets. He has basically copied in full the weather side and surpassed HTC's widet on Hero and Eris with the popup extended weather and animation which is what HTC has in their newest version of sense. But beatuiful widgets sorely lacks the awesome alarm, stopwatch, timer app. Pure widgets are sort of nice but are also pay widgets and just don't match the polish and integration of the HTC equivalents.

Waiting on apps to get better when HTC has all the ones you really need just doesnt sound appealing or timely. I like the app market and have a ton of apps installed but have been dissapointed to see that there is just not much new app or update activity. There was a lot of update activity when droid came out, but that is about it. Knowing that they supposedly sold 800,000 droids already, you'd think there'd at least be a lot of porting activity and new apps, but even updates are thin. On my ipod touch there is always a bunch of updates and improvements coming through and the apps are generally consistent whereas most of the android apps have a hodgepodge feel to them almost like a half polished version of winmo apps.

i.e With the iphone you have very capapable apps yet my 3 yr old can navigate them and usually figure them out whereas most of the android apps although not as bad as winmo apps, are not typically as capable, yet are more difficult to get accustomed to, which is fine for us technogeeks but not for genpop.

But overall I am personally fine with less uniformity and simplicity i just get irritated with obious and inexcusable omissions and shortcomings like multitouch, swipe navigation, text input, embedded email images, desktop outlook support, multimedia, lock screen music control, many many etc etcs...
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