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Originally Posted by sooper_droid12 View Post
We're talking about a $99 phone that was sold for even less for a time. Hmm, wonder why VZW didn't throw any advert behind that phone. Hmmm. Really? If I'm Verizon, I'm not throwing a big party for the Eris. I'm not occupying two Time Square screens to promote the Eris. No return buddy. No return on that investment.
Problem is that they oversold the Droid. It's not what they are advertising, not at least till they fix it... The Eris has it's obvious shortcomings but it is actually the upgrade to the Sprint Hero. the only thing the Hero has over the Eris is a 1500ma battery. The Eris got smaller, added a proximity sensor, capacitive keys and a few other software tweaks (which got aded to hero in the recent OTA)

Sprints flagship phones that they are spending many millions advertising are the Hero, Pre and Tour.

Verizon overhyping the Droid and not giving Eris not even a half hearted Peep was dumb IMO. Overpromising and under delivering is bad for brand equity. My non tech neighbor came over for dinner last night and he looked at my phone and said hey my Store manager at costco has one of those. He asked me how many times does that thing reboot on its own, that at their managers meeting his Boss' spontaneously rebooted at least 3 times. Yeah the Droid that does more than the iPhone, yeah it spontaneously reboots. Since getting the droid and hearing people say that they know people whose iphones lock up all the time i started asking people i know with iphones how many lockups they have had and so fat it has been at least 8 maybe 10 and they all said never. Yet my non tech neighbor happens to know about Droid reboots. NICE Verizon marketing.....

I only hope that the Droid price drops and Verizon BOGO is a ploy to meive them out because the real Droid phone is on the way for Christmas and not a fire sale :-)
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