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Originally Posted by jmccarthy14 View Post
You're percentages are pretty skeptical -- it seemed even the most dubious of reviewers said it was comparible or "80%" of an iphone, and most said its a viable alternative to people who like more customization and engineer-ability.

That aside, it hasn't been a month yet since the droid, and all the media attention android has recieved. I'm sure there are many, like me, who have just got or are considering getting into android for the holidays, and when we do, we will look for things to improve/tweak. Now that the money is there, give developers time to catch up.

If I find the Alarm Clock sucks, you know what? I have some webdesign/design experience, enough to make a non-sloppy looking one. And my code will be more than sufficient to make it fully featured. So if for no other motivation, I will make one for myself, and release it on the app store, since I can do that at NO cost unlike on my current iPhone. I think there will be many like me.

And worst case, wait for a port of the passion ROM. Then you get the best of both ) android Now and sense later. Just looking at it like this -- if passion comes out months from now, how different will this new marketplace be by then? How many of those unique sense features will have acceptable equivalents out? Will I regret my decision? That's the choice I'm making now.

Your sliding keyboard issue worries me though.
That's my point. There is no reason you should ever have to think about how to get an alarm clock that doesnt suck. You should be thinking about new apps that enhance or make life easier. You're right 80% is dubious it probably should be far less and shows bias toward my general dislike for Apple.
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