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Originally Posted by jmccarthy14 View Post
Read the first paragraph again bitte. Also you don't seem too 'bias toward your general dislike for apple,' most of those posts of complaints you asked me to look at all lauded the iPhone and its interface. I don't know. And I don't mind making a clock. Why wait indefinitely for someone else (HTC) to make a phone I want with one? Clocks are pretty simple anyway.

All my post was about was how I'm trying to weigh my options - is it worth waiting a couple months for a device that has some better apps but the same os? Or is there reasonable chance that solid equivalents will be released? Figured your response would be opinion on that. I already know you don't like droid, so didn't get much out of this. Just wondering if that's just your HTC 'bias' or if you are on to something, so posted asking for other opinyonz.

With rapidly improving GDE, beautiful widgets, and other replacement apps, is Sense UI (and no keyboard to break) worth not buying a droid for?
Again.. I make the iPhone comparisons because that is the device that they intentionally marketed saying that the droid exceeds.

As far as waiting, it is tough. The real strenghts IMO on the droid are:

Nice recording quality, although still some glitches
Great battery life esp for a 1300ma battery
Nice screen, but OS is still not near as smooth and responsive as it should be. Poor homescreen scrolling and photo thumbnail scrolling. Although very responsive scrolling in the browser yet lacking pinch to zoom.

Navigation is nice and search (when it doesnt error out 50% of the time) works really well. I noticed on Sense 1.5 when you search for a restaurant the 1.5 search brings you the google listing of the website for the restaurant whereas the 2.0 search brings you to the actual local listing with direct phone number, map and direction link. Although not unified on 1.5 you can just use google maps or where as a sufficient substitute, but it is nice to have the voice call, navigation and universal search functions all in the magnifying glass vs launching an app...

I have pretty much resigned myself to reluctantly turn in the droid and downgrade to the eris for 30 days hoping the upgraded HTC handset will be out. I doubt the 12/11 droid update will come on time and if it does I doubt it will fix half the issues that should never have existed in the first place if the Droid went through even the basics of real world testing.
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