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Originally Posted by jbulluck View Post
This is not meant in a negative way, my hope is that all things positive will come out of this...

Ok this has me a bit fired up not in an angry way but in a motivating way! When I woke up this afternoon (work nights) and I read these post I knew something has to be done!!! I am glad that LiQuID called us (me) all out on donations because he is absolutely correct as well as thaDroidz regarding how much time, energy, and effort LiQuID puts into these ROMs for all of us (me) to enjoy...and boy do I enjoy his ROMs!!!

Time is money and honestly it shouldn't take the developer informing all of us (me) what I already know...that I need to contribute and do my part in order to keep this going!

Now I, like many others here maybe new to this forum, brand new to LiQuID's ROMs, and brand new to flashing, installing, and setting up all these apps in order to get things working properly on my device but I am NOT new to knowing how to show my appreciation for the things I enjoy...I was taught this as a child!!! We are all benefiting from the creativity, hard work, and dedication of LiQuID with his FroZeN YoGurT ROMs and its time I started showing my token of gratitude even though I, like thaDroidz, does not know what a "good" donation is so I sent what I could which was $20 (FOR THIS RELEASE) and I also donated to Slayher for his hard work and dedication!

It is my belief that thaDroidz is absolutely correct with the 75% to 25% ratio on here and honestly I have been getting a little agitated with the response or lack there of when a question is asked these last few days...for me personally I have asked 3 maybe 4 questions because I really needed help and still do but have yet to get a response from anyone! I really want to send a big thanks to UBRocked and SigmunDroid for their detailed responses that helped start me off in the right direction and also thank you to javaman70, Rodeojones, and thaDroidz for all of you're incite and direction...I am so grateful all of you have helped me with my new addiction!! LOL

My rant is over thanks for listening and please lets help each other out on here especially LiQuID and Slayher because without one would be reading this right now!!!

I'm open to any feedback...
Dude, I hear exactly what you're saying...
I still have yet to get a response for my signal issue...

Liquid and his team have made my Droid experience the best
it has EVER been! Nothing will change that statement.

Unfortunately the margins for profit are not proportional
to those attained from creating an original piece of work/software
and therein lies the issue.

Personally I feel that if the end user uses something
that a developer took time, effort, patience and dedication
to construct (not create) -then with ingenuity and creativity
build upon that stock ROM and add customizations the end user
will undoubtedly appreciate then I feel a donation *should* be
in order, however....

Should the expectation not be met in that
not enough money has been *given* then it should be
incumbent for Liquid and his team to curb the obviously expedited
work that they put out in seemingly record time to please
the Liquid customer base they have built through their hard work...

I remember when I *made* a custom soundset based on someone elses
basic sounds (hardware synthesizer) it would be a hard sell. I think when all was said and done...

(after spending almost a year of sound design) I had amassed
approximately only 50 buyers at $40.00 each.

The key is volume and unfortunately the modding community is
in the vast Minority when measured against the bulk of
Android OS users who do not know of rooting, roms and the like.

I'd like to give a HUGE Thank you!!! to the entire liquid team
because I have a phone now that is a pleasure to use and
when I need an app to load? It does so right away no matter
the condition.

If we could get one million rooted users
to donate a dollar to liquid? Well...

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