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Originally Posted by jbulluck View Post
I am having a difficult time trying to get my home screen to look like it does when you first install the Blueberry Theme...the icons for the App Drawer, SMS, Browser, Contacts and Phone are all blue!

Now that I have purchased Launcher Pro Plus a new version v0.7.7.3 was just released and the icons I mentioned above are grey now after I updated in the heck can I get these to be blue again?? Its driving me to the brink of.....well i'll leave it at that! Anybody have any input on this please???

I even tried to reinstall the Blueberry Theme again after the update for LPPlus and no!!

Thanks in advance
Updating to a different version of Launcher Pro would "untheme" LP but should not affect system apps as those are are not controlled by LP.

What do your icons look like? Screenshots might help (drocap2 in the market works great for screenshots).

Afterthought: If you are talking about the default LP icons...they are probably not themed in the paid version of Launcher Pro. There are ways around this...but before I go there...I'd like to make sure that IS the problem.

Originally Posted by jbulluck View Post
Just a question for anyone whom has experience with GDE Home App and LiQuID's ROMs...

How does this combination work together? Would GDE slow it down at all? I read in a different forum that GDE worked well with LiQuID's v1.3 ROM but I am not sure if anything has changed since then...I have never had GDE and it looks pretty cool so I thought I would try it out but want to get some feedback before I purchase GDE.

Honestly, I haven't heard anyone talk about GDE in a while. I can recall one conversations where GDE was mentioned...but that's about it. I actually used GDE back in the day (November/December 2009) and it was decent...but LP and ADW have become the top aftermarket launchers and I wouldn't go to anything else. Can you get a demo in the market? I think some of the GDE themes in the market come with a "lite" version of ADW so you could try it out.

Make a backup before loading it as I don't know what it themes and what it doesn't.

Originally Posted by jbulluck View Post
Hey all...If I understand this helpful post here at the top by gotwilk correctly then his instruction should fix the problem I am having with LauncherPro Plus' updated version and the home screen default icons as described in my post from yesterday directly above this message correct??? PLEASE HELP!

I apologize for my lack of knowledge but it will only last a short little bit and I'm really hoping all you knowledgeable members can help me get through this tough time...hey I dont even know how to take a few quotes on here and link it all together the right way and ask a question all in one post so any any any help would be so appreciated!!!

I also have the question a few post above regarding GDE and LFY's ROMs that I am still searching for an answer on while patiently waiting for an answer on here as well...

Or even if im doing/saying/asking things in an unpopular way please let me apologies!!

Edit: Guess I can take multiple post and link them together after all...that was pure luck, im just not that familiar with things but im eagerly trying to accomplish this! Lol
Are you talking about the icons on the Launcher Pro Dock (by the app drawer)? If so, just long press the icon you want to change and click "Change Shortcut", then select "Applications" when the pop-up menu appears, then select the app you want in that dock position. When you select it, you will be prompted to use the default icon or the custom one. Use the default and it will match whatever the app icon is inside the app drawer. Make sense? If this is not the problem...let me know and I'll work on a different solution.

Originally Posted by jbulluck View Post
Just wondering if anyone is having any problems with the screen dimming while charging you're phone or mounted in a car dock??

I am testing a fix for this and so far its working great but just curious if anyone else has this issue or if im behind the curve?

Please advise peeps...
Being in the car dock, there are two screens. Swipe your finger from right to left when looking at the "Car Home" default screen. One of the three options will be screen brightness. THIS IS NOT THE SAME AS YOUR NORMAL SCREEN BRIGHTNESS SETTINGS. The three options are Day, Night, and Automatic. Auto simply switches between the Day and Night brightness mode (based on the phone's sensor) and I too find it too DIM when on Night mode unless I am completely in the dark. Change your setting to "Day" and you should be fine.

Originally Posted by UBRocked View Post

If you can repost your unanswered questions...I will try to help you out. As a Mod on this site now, I have less time available to provide "tech support" but I try to stay up on this thread as best as I can.

I think it's about time for the next "wave" of experts to step up A lot of the old school Moto Droid guys have traded up for new phones and that trend will only continue. Everything works in cycles with these phones...even the people

Originally Posted by jbulluck View Post
Thank you so much!!! This is awesome all though I'm not trying to make this all about me...sorry if it seems that way but I am grateful to all!! These were the questions, I dont expect every one to be answered but however you can help me would be awesome! It's just hard when you first start out but I am picking up on this rather quickly...

I believe I sent you a PM but I'm not sure if you received it...could you check if you haven't at least so i'll know if I sent it properly? Thanks again UBRocked!!!
If you PM'd me, I might have looked at the Forum and seen that someone else had posted the answer (or what I perceived to be the answer) and disregarded your message (if so I apologize). In the future, please continue to post your questions in the forums. PM's are nice but the answers you get will typically only help you (unless you share that knowledge with others). Now the answers may help someone else as well.

After working on coming up with responses to your questions here...I imagine that part of the problem with ppl not responding is that the questions are a bit confusing. I had to re-read the questions a few times. Screenshots are good for times where it may be hard to describe what you are seeing (and helps with people using different terminology). What you might see are icons that are messed up, while I would call them LP dock icons, and others might call them shortcuts. A simple picture eliminates confusion and makes answering the question easier.

I was an Android noobie a year ago so I know what it's like for people to talk circles around you. If you don't understand something...ask. Don't be afraid to make a backup and then experiment with changing settings, testing apps, etc. If you screw something up...just revert to your backup.

Hopefully this post helps you.
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