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@heykillermiller: I hope you are coming back to check this thread! :-)

Your story is a great one, and very important to hear (my Mother-in-law is blind, and could use this tech if we could get it working!)

The problem right now with contacting first level customer support and tech support is that they have NOT been trained properly on Android, and have, in fact been given the wrong information. When I emailed customer support about 1.6, they told me the same thing, that it is already available on the site. Of course the only file there is the recent bug fix/security patch, but no one has explained this to them.

As you know from this thread, I've recently spoken with "Sherri from the office of the president" and warned her that her support people were giving out the wrong info. I don't know if she'll actually address this.

I encourage you and _everyone_ here, to contact the Office of the president here: Contact Rogers - Call Us, Email Us, Send Mail

Click on Step 3 (Contact the office of the president) and tell them that their support people are giving out the wrong info. Tell them that support is telling people that the bug fix file is Android 1.6 when it's not.

@heykillermiller: You should also consider telling your story to the office of the president, and maybe even the ombudsperson if the OotP doesn't respond to you.

They won't budge if it's just a few of us, we all need to bug them on this, or they will try to "wait us out".

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