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Originally Posted by trick202 View Post
In the market, I can see:

advanced task killer $4.99 by ReChild
Advanced Task Killer Free by ReChild
Taskiller Free by Thibaut Nicolas

I use the last one in the list.
Right. TasKiller is a different program. It doesn't run until you open it. I have read through this thread and it's got a lot of conflicting information, but I think I've found my conclusion. I definitely have noticed a few instances where I've started a more resource intensive app to see it not running smoothly, backed out and ran TasKiller, re-opened it and noticed a difference. Yes, this could be due to a bad app, so I'll look into that. I'm a 9 year Linux desktop user and can attest to the fact that linux doesn't do things much differently than Windows in this regard and can still get bogged down when too many programs are open. You shouldn't want to get to the point of using swap, though at least my Droid's swap is on SSD instead of a hard disk so it's not going to be quite as slow. Having said that, there are benifits to leaving apps in the background in that they will open quicker the next time you use them or even be in the same state as the last time it was used.

I think my practices will change in that I will only run TasKiller when I visibly notice a slowdown, but I will grab a system app that will let me check to see what possibly flawed program might be sucking up memory. I'm not going to uninstall TasKiller because it seems unlike ATK it doesn't run unless I tell it to run (then kills it's self afterwards) or I have the widget running (which I don't), so uninstalling the program isn't going to change anything.
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