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Originally Posted by JackTheMan18 View Post
Well, it appears to me after reading all that has gone on in this area that Rogers is trying to stonewall us, and trying to put off the complaints. I am quite convinced that it is for budgetary reasons - they just don't want to pay HTC for updates!
I don't think that any amount of complaining (to the president, with negative publicity, to the ombudsman, etc.) will do any good - I think that the decision has already been made not to upgrade because it just doesn't make economic sense for them to do so. I know that sounds quite pessimistic, but nonetheless it is a realistic conclusion given their track record (from winmo phones and others).
As a result of all of this, by the end of December if Rogers hasn't issued their update, I will take the plunge and root my phone and update it to the best of my abilities. I really don't want to do this, but I feel that I am being forced to do so by the lack of support from Rogers.
I hope I don't brick my phone!
I am thinking by end of this year if they don't come up with the update, I will terminate the contract and go with Telus htc hero
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