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Originally Posted by scorpicon View Post
The real question is: is it up to the software authors, the users, or the OS to determine how to properly maintain a responsive system?
the way i understand it, when the OS needs to stop an application to free up memory, it sends a stop command to the program (signal 9 and 15 are the two big ones, based on information higher up in this thread). it's up to the developers to respond to that command and properly end itself, etc.

but, that information is compiled from various threads. i'm not familiar with the full nuts and bolts of the android OS yet. most of my info is from this thread:

Android WILL shut down apps (as I explained above in detail) when it needs to in order to reclaim resources so that the top app (foreground) might have resources to do something with. Even if the foreground app doesn't need them, Android will kill apps if need be as necessary. As I said above, even tho it actually shuts the app down, it goes thru steps to allow an app to cleanly shut down AND recover from the shutdown as if it was never shut down. The app developer just has to write the code correctly to handle this situation.
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