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Ok so I got my Ally like three weeks ago and thought I got ripped off from the chuckle-head at the Verizon store for not going with the Droid! So, I decided last week to root, remove some of the BS stock apps (Amazon, VVM, Drive home, etc...) and was like, "Ok, this is ain't so bad". Then I heard of custom roms for the ally and saw a lot about Velocity 0.1.1 and decided, why the hell not?! I must say WOW!! F&%# the Droid, it's got a crappier keyboard and well, is very large! I love my Ally now. I do have a couple of issues (gmail notifications not updating without manual refresh, icons defaulting back to generic android icons, live wallpapers crashing, no cool weather widget, etc...) but all in all it is soo much faster now!! I mean, I am excited about the whole froyo update but it's hard to stay excited when the only hint at a release is "later on"! This is exciting, like I can hardly wait for Velocity 0.2!! Screw the corporate dev's man, they obviously have seriously underestimated the Ally and the following it has amassed, so you know it wouldn't surprise me in the least if V0.2 is better and faster than what LG's dev's are dragging thier feet on with regards to the 2.2 release for the Ally. So Trident for you my friend, I will ensure that you get at least enough for some Redbull, who knows maybe even a Nutrageous, but I'm poor so you might need a coupon! Payday is at the end of the week, till then, ROCK ON MAN!!

Oh and if anyone could help with the aforementioned issues, a great big thank you is in it for you!
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