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Originally Posted by GreatBigDog View Post
Patience is a virtue that I have precious little of. But I'll try to exercise the minuscule amount that I do have to the very best of my ability (For Now). But I really want to get Google Maps Navigation and you need 1.6 to get it. I would also pay for CoPilot Live but since I can't get access to paid apps that's out as well.

So far I've sent two email's into Rogers about 1.6 update. It says on their site that they will respond within 24 hours. It's be a week since the first one and about 26 hours since the second one. If I can figure out how that twitter thing works, maybe I'll go pester the support team there.

I just called up Mary from Rogers to validate Sherri's claim. She said that she can't confirm the date but she can confirm that it is in testing with Rogers right now.
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