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Originally Posted by Herotech View Post
I was told by the manager at the Sprint store that its bad for the shelf life of the battery to charge it over night. IMO its best to wake up and unplug the phone before going back to sleep.
So, did this manager hand you a shovel to help you dig your way out of the pile of BS they laid on you?

There's no documentation that I'm aware of that comments on NOT keeping the device plugged in, or warns against over charging it... Heck, Sammie even provides an optional DOCK to use to keep the Epic hooked up to power ALL DAY. There are circuits built into the device that will prevent over charging.

HOWEVER, if the charging circuits fail, a battery failure could occur if the device is connected to a charger at the time. So, in this failure mode, it would be safer to disconnect the device once a full charge is reached. I would imagine that this failure mode is VERY uncommon, and if it were to be experienced, the entire device would be lost. Lithium battery fires (from overcharging) are all over the internet...

I would imagine that the legal department is involved with the notification message on the screen, and that because of this, there will be no way to defeat it.
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