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Originally Posted by HeadlessPonch View Post
Take this with a grain of salt, because my sister-in-law is not the most knowledgeable person when it comes to this stuff, but she says plugging in the Airave has at least partially fixed their laptop's connection problems. The cat knocked their combo modem/wireless router off of the cabinet and the antenna broke. I told her to call for a new, hopefully free, replacement but nooo. And now, somehow, the laptop connects more reliably (bumped the antenna just right while plugging in the Airave?). If she didn't live 5 hours away, I'd have already been there figuring out what the hell she's talking about.
That's funny. I think what my problem was is a Linksys Internet Cam. I unplugged it and everything seems to be back to normal. Whew! Glad it wasn't the Airvana. I wasn't ready to choose between cell service in my house or my internet. LOL
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