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Originally Posted by ItalianHunk View Post
If so, how do you turn off the stock email app? I'm going to download K9 right now and I don't want the two to get mixed up with each other.

Interesting question that I never thought about...but you actually do NOT have to think about it!!

Download K-9, set it up and use K-9...but just do NOT setup and use the stock email. They won't necessary "conflict" but if you download email messages to your phone in one app and have settings to remove the mail from the server, you WILL NOT be able to download and access the email in another app (stock or otherwise). If you choose NOT to remove downloaded mail from the server then you can theoretically have copies of ALL your message in ALL your email apps as well as your computer.

Also, make sure that any settings in the app you are NOT using that might download or affect mail in the BACKGROUND are OFF. Otherwise, you'll have stuff happening and downloading in the app you are NOT using and possibly missing stuff in the app you want to use.

So they "won't get mixed up with each other" if your settings are in good shape and/or you stick to using ONE app.

Hope this helps...
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