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Originally Posted by PittCaleb View Post
My wife works for a Fortune 100 company. They allow iPhones and non-Motorola Android based phones to access the Exchange servers for e-mail & calendar.

The reason they state for not permitting Motorola is that Motorola states they retain *all* data on the phone and the right to use any/all of it in any way they see fit.

First of all, I find this hard to believe. But I do believe there may possible be something alluding to this in the vague language that is the TOS/EULA. i can not get anyone at her company to tell me specifically where they have seen this and why they believe it to be true.

In the absence of proof from corporate, I would like to know if anyone has heard or seen of anything like this from Motorola or a corporate mail provider. I have a few tech contacts in the media arena that if i can point this out to them very specifically, they can raise a stink about it and get it changed - like TOS/EULA's have been changed over the years by media pressure.

Any/all help greatly appreciated,
Sounds like someone making crap up to sound like they know what they are talking about.

Either that or a friend of a cousin's brother's aunt's mother's boss told them that....
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