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Originally Posted by shadowdude777 View Post
Didn't you have a not-so-easy time with EasyRoot though? I remember you lost recovery over and over. I think RSD Lite is just much cleaner. The fact that we have the tool is great; it's the actual tool that Motorola uses to flash the Droid, and we should be exploiting that. Honestly, RSD Lite is practically one-click as it is: install RSD Lite on your computer, plug your phone in, direct RSD Lite to the rooted SBF, and hit Start.
yes I did, but not sure of your point?

(1) I didn't dog the OP - I appreciate it and said as much and think he is on the right track, but not there yet
(2) it isn't really a 1 click tool at this time
(3) though the old school method surely works, I think it archaic and dated and a true 1 click - like Easy Root - is the way rooting should go. so the end goal of the OP and my points are on the same page.
(4) people are already trying this and coming back with follow up questions.. which just means, as of this time, it is not a 1 click root tool as a 1 click root tool is just that with no process questions and clarifications needed. point and click.
(5) I do my darnedess to now help others based on that experience I had, but 1 hope is the creation of another truly 1 click root tool to make it easy on everyone

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