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Originally Posted by williamj1 View Post
Lol, thanks

And yes I understand your question I think. You can disable / untick the usb debugging box if you wish. It really makes no difference. Now the process is complete, it won't make any difference now. You can leave it as it is for future use or disable it. It won't move all your apps back. In fact, unticking it now won't do anything at all, nor will leaving it ticked so go ahead.

The only thing is, if you ever want to set it to save all apps by default to the internal memory again, i.e. remove the process then you will just need to tick usb debugging and then do it again setting pm install location to 2. So yes, you can untick it if you wish

And, as far as I know, noob doesn't stand for anything. But the word noob just means the opposite of a pro or expert. I am a noob with android stuff as I switched from apple os crap so I really know very little about android. It was a noobs guide because it was simple, for people who didn't have a clue what they were doing.

Like, I was a total noob at using the other guides as they said "open cmd run promt" and I was like whoa slow down wtf? :P So I made this "noob" guide, for people like me who aren't experts with this techy stuff.

ok , thanks again mate , much appreciated
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