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Originally Posted by sooper_droid12 View Post
Eh? iPhone owners have been living with it for ages. They're fine. It's not that much smaller. Honestly, you only really pack so many pixels in a screen. The HD2 has a big screen, but really, it's like a tenth of an inch taller and wider. That's not really THAT much bigger. You probably just have big screen envy, but that'll pass. It's a dude thing, we always envy the guy with the bigger screen, TV, nicer car, etc.
The iphone has been 3.5" for over two years. What else up until recently has been bigger than 3.2" since the iphone hit the scene? The first gen diamond and TP were 3.2". There was the Touch HD at 3.8", but that never hit the states. I'd say the iphone has only fallen behind in screen size in the past few months. Prior to that, it was king.
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