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Well I've rooted and updated. No real difference other than I'm using a different UI. Functionally the same but I don't yet run anything that requires v >1.5. So far only a couple of apps that need root, hence my rooting. So unless there is a critical need I wouldn't get too worked up yet unless they never update and apps start breaking. I don't ever expect much from Rogers or any Canuck provider. The need for sight limited apps a few pages back is the best argument for an update I've heard so far.

Originally Posted by Andy2010 View Post
I haven't tried SIP with 3G but with wireless it works. They customized it so that you can't go to other provider with their phones.
risking going off topic, not true. I use it against my own PBX just fine, WiFI and 3G. This app is more critical to me so that I won't need my N800 anymore and can pass it down to my kids.
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