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Originally Posted by PascalS13 View Post
I then asked why it was already released on other wireless providers (like T-Mobile, etc) and she said that it is mainly because Rogers noticed the blatant problems with voice dialing and 1.5 so they really had no choice but to start workin' on 1.6.
Except to me, Rogers is coming at this from the wrong direction. Updates to Android phones should not be held back just because Rogers says so. We invest a lot of money over a three year contract on a device that should be upgradeable until there is a hardware limitation.

As others have said already, Android is thought of as a developing platform that will get through its growing pains by frequent updates to the core OS. How is it helping us get the most out of our investment by keeping these updates from us unless there is some blatant bug or if we scream loudly enough? It doesnt. What it does show is that we as Canadians are continually screwed from all angles by the telecoms/phone companies (depending on who is actually keeping the update from us). But that is a topic for another thread.

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