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Originally Posted by Android XTC View Post
A Manufacturer by law has to have parts available for a minimum of 7 years and available on a timely fashion. Case in point, You buy a new Cadillac and a month later you have an accident with it you take it to the body shop and they tell you sorry sir GM has no idea when the grill and radiator will be available again they said they might have them in six months and oh yea im going to have to charge you storage of $25 a day for having the un repaired wreck just sitting in my back lot. Yes this could happen to you even with a refrigerator or anything you buy for that matter there are laws in place that state a mfg. has to have repair parts available for there products.
A. Just because Best Buy doesn't have the parts doesn't mean they don't exist.
B. Feel free to link to this law that supposedly covers everything ever manufactured. Aka, provide proof. I can't find any such law on Google anywhere. In fact, even posters on Snopes seem to agree that it's silly. A car manufacturer will make parts as long as there's a market for them, as that's extra money for them. They have no reason not to. Why have a law requiring something that said manufacturers would want to provide as much as possible for profit anyway?
C. I'm sure there's some exceptions regarding supply and demand as well.
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