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Originally Posted by EasyEEE View Post
Well, I will try to make this short. I wanted to do another video like I did before. This one is from before showing the problem with EVO 3 using one of the HTC Chargers. Doesn't prove my theory that the HTC Chargers are jacking up the charging ports. Below video is my problem outlining my theory.

YouTube - Sprint HTC EVO 4G USB Charging Port Problem

But, we're hold up in a hotel for a few more days. So again, video above from a few weeks ago. Will make a new one soon.

3 EVOs, 4 chargers (3 HTC, and 1 Samsung).

HTC Chargers 1 & 2 work fine on HTC EVO 1 & 2.

HTC Charger 3 works, but feels VERY loose on HTC EVO 1 & 2.

HTC Chargers 1, 2, & 3 will not charge HTC EVO 3 - without fooling with it for like 10 mins - if you get it to work at all.

I go into Sprint store finally to see what I can do. I didn't have chargers on me, was a whim of the moment stop.

I'm talking to this guy that can't keep his EVO charged (he plugs it in, the charging light comes on steady, but it doesn't really charge - or something is draining his battery so fast, can't keep up).

I tell him my problem with HTC EVO 3, and go to show him.

"Ah, here's a micro USB power cable."

... I plug it in.. it snaps in nice and firm... charging light comes on right away. Huh!?

I look, it's a Samsung charger.

I unplug. Plug back in. Works great.


So, I leave, knowing I won't be able to prove me case without my chargers.

I get home, and plug in EVO 3 into all HTC chargers - same problem. Loose and won't take a charge. Chargers 1 & 2 still work great with EVOs 1 & 2 while Charger 3 still is very loose on all phones.

I plug in an old Samsung charger I have. It snaps in ok, only very slightly looser than the Samsung charger at the Sprint store, but it takes a charge no problem. If I move it a bit, the charge light goes out.

So, again... I really think the HTC Chargers are screwing up the ports.
Thats exactly what Im going thru with my Evo rite now. It will not charge. I have already ordered a replacement.
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