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Originally Posted by SlimJimE View Post
I have created the exact profile but it will never get a fix when I enable it. I have selected both Net and GPS, just GPS, and just NET but they will never get a fix when the profile is enabled.
I have the same profile I'm using for finding the location of the phone via SMS. I've adjusted the wait time to 1 minute, which seems to work when the device is awake. However, I've discovered (with some help) that enabling the GetGPSfix profile will not force a GPS fix while the device is asleep. In this case, you have to wait until the Display Off timings under Preferences allow for the location fix to occur.

A way that seems to be working, making sure you get a current fix, is to use these profiles:

Profile: GetGPSfix
Context: Location [GPS: On] <actual location doesn't matter>
Enter Task:

Profile: WaitForGPSfix
Context: Variable Set %LOCTMS
Variable Set [Name: %CARLOC] [Value: %LOC]
Profile Status [Name: GetGPSfix] [Set: Off]
Profile Status [Name: WaitForGPSfix] [Set: Off]
GPS [Set: Off]

Profile: Car Parked
Context: Bluetooth Connected
Exit Task:
GPS [Set: On]
Profile Status [Name: WaitForGPSfix] [Set: On]
Profile Status [Name: GetGPSfix] [Set: On]

This waits for the time of the last GPS fix to be updated. I believe when Tasker reaches the GPS Timeout period it will return a network-based location value and update the time of last fix.
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