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Originally Posted by Eusibius2 View Post
pretty cool, just a few questions:

1 - do you have to be rooted to do so? I already have the Android SDK for screenshots, so i'm familiar with that. Doesn't sound like you need to be rooted, but plz confirm...
2 - is it possible to change, not only the widget backgrounds, but also the icon used for the app (not the widget, but the icon) on a home screen or in the app folder?
I haven't looked for the icon itself, but if you can find it, then sure. Remember, this is open source oriented, so you've really got full access to the entire program if you know what to do.
Personally - I think your video is more helpful than the written instructions above. You've seemed to leave out quite a few steps in writing... prbably b/c you assume the user knows what they are doing (I do, but some others may not). This is a fairly straight forward process, so many beginner type people could do this, albeit with better instrux...

thanks howetechnical!
Videos are always more helpful Also, I didn't leave out any steps that are necessary for even an amateur to perform the modification. However, even if there were parts that assume the user knows certain things, there -is- a certain level of intelligence that one must have to venture into doing this kind of thing. I wouldn't expect my mother in law who just upgraded from her dumbphone to a Droid X to be doing this, and wouldn't advise she try.

2 more points:
1 - Did you mean to include chompSMS in the file?
The zip file is from xda, and I don't want to take away from the original creators creation.

2 - you never answered the question (not sure if it was asked) about the permissions and signing of the revised app. Will they be the same as what they were previously or are they changing to something else? To me, it looks like the revised apk file will have the same signature as what's in the testkey* file. Can you explain how this works?
The signature changes, as specified, to what's in the auto sign, which you are correct in thinking is pulled from the testkey files. The java application does all of this for you. I haven't analyzed the .jar file, so I couldn't say what it's doing in detail, but it does work (if it didn't, I would have opened the .jar pun intended )
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