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UPDATE: I sent a new email to the Office of the President today asking them to clarify the discrepancy between Sherri's answer, and Mary's answer regarding 1.6 (and the fact that customer service and tech support are also spewing BS to callers)

Here is what I sent:

"On Dec 03 2009 I spoke with Sherri from the Office of the President, with whom I had been talking on and off since Nov 30 2009 regarding Rogers lack of support for Android phones, specifically an update of the operating system from ver 1.5 to ver 1.6.

Sherri was kind enough to spend a good deal of time looking in to this matter for me, including contacting Tier 2 support, and talking to the Director of Device Management from Rogers Wireless. She informed me that Rogers would be getting the Android 1.6 OS update _from_ HTC at the end of December for testing and evaluation, and that we _might_ get the update in the new year.

I shared this information with the growing group of upset Rogers Android customers on one of the very popular Android forums, and heard from another Rogers customer that he had spoken to Mary Freeman from the Office of the President (via email & phone) and that _she_ told him that Rogers was testing 1.6 _now_.

Obviously both things can not be true. Either Rogers is testing 1.6 _now_ or they are getting it to test at the end of December? Which is it?

I am not alone in this. I am very active in an online community of Rogers Android customers who are getting very upset by the misinformation and lack of support, especially when other members of the forum are calling technical & customer support and being told everything from "I don't know" to "You can download it right now from our site" (which is just plain untrue).

So, given the conflicting information, _we_ want a definitive answer regarding Android 1.6. Are you testing it NOW as Mary said, or are you getting it at the end of December, as Sherri said? I suggest Rogers management get the message straight, and make sure customer and technical support are on the same page, because we are all talking to each other online, and we are not going away. Rogers sold us a device under the pretense of supporting it. We expect that we will have Android phones as good as those of customers of other carriers, like our US cousins who are already on 1.6 and, in some cases, 2.0!

Please contact me via phone or email with a DEFINITIVE answer.

You can follow the forum of very upset users here: Rogers Dream 1.6 Update

You can also read an interesting article and reactions of Rogers customers here: Dear Rogers: When Will Android Users Get 1.6 and 2.0 Updates? | Android in Canada Blog

Thank you,

Michael Schmidt
Very Upset Rogers Customer"

Please everyone remember, no matter what you hear from Customer Support or Tech Support, the official line from the Office of the President has been the following:

Sherri: Rogers will get it from HTC to test at the end of Dec.
Mary: It is in testing _now_.

They can't both be right.

If/when you call customer or tech support, if they tell you something different, ask to elevate the call, because they don't know what they are talking about. No matter what they tell you, what you see above if the current official response 9even though it conflicts).

You can also contact the Office of the President here: Contact Rogers - Call Us, Email Us, Send Mail

Click on Tab 3 to send them an email, but only after you have jumped through the hoop of contacting regular support (make sure to get the name of the person to whom you spoke/emailed).

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