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Lancewood - how you getting along with the Liquid? I've been looking upon the pre-order pages since they appeared in the UK and on the face of it it seems like a good deal.

At the moment all the 'reviews' out there are at best pre-release or worse still regurgitation of someone elses brief hands-on.

Are you willing to post a mini-review?

I'm interested in the following personally:

-General build quality and looks - that bezel looks kinda large to me
-Screen quality, both in-doors and outside
-Battery life, this is still the first snapD android handset on the market, how long are you getting?
-Has it got a digital compass? (not a big concern but a nice to have these days)
-Any obvious bugs in the SW, either the vanilla Android elements or the Acer customisations?

Many thanks for any info proffered!

Please excuse the horrific spelling above, I can't find the spellchecker on this forum tool
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