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Originally Posted by howetechnical View Post
No can do on sending the apk, that would be against the forum rules. All you need to do is check out the drawable-hdpi folder for the images you are looking for, they're all in there. Vlingo uses multiple images for each button, so you'll need to clear out the background image (the same background image is used for all button backgrounds on each of their widgets, so save a backup copy) as well as change the microphone image to the text that you want. I believe the microphone image (the same one, that is) is used in the application as well, so you'd have some button in the app that says "Talk" also, instead of the standard icon.
Thanks i figured as much on the apk thing after i posted
i managed to edit it and its working fine
but it dint come out the way i want it to
apparently, there is a size for the widget length and height and the button i made gets cropped
i ended up making all button backgrounds as transparent and using the 2x1 widget resized via launcher pro to display only the text, transparent background.
im trying to find the proper xml file to edit the widget size but im having no luck so far.
i open the xml files via word but the length width values are not showing
only shows length width height but no values
maybe i'm missing something there
thanks again
heres a screen shot btw-the upper left corner is the vlingo
i cant use the icon i made cos it gets cropped
so i defaulted to 2x1 vlingo with the text and no background since i made all backgrounds transparent
it just doesnt match up to the rest of the theme
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