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I haven't been to the gym in like, two weeks. I usually go three times a week, and on the other three days I follow a running program, which is fairly easy seeing that I'm not in any way overweight. I just realized that for the past few years, I couldn't do anything physical without having my heart rate rise way too high, so I decided to get fit.

The name of the program is C25k (couch to 5 kilometers). I think it's intended for jogging, but I use it for running.

Started lifting weights a few months ago, and I gained about 15 pounds (which is great!). I got tired of eating all the time and wanted to try running, so I've been "cutting" for a short while now. I can only see my upper 2 abs.

And yes, to gain muscle I must eat six or seven meals a day and LOTS of food. I have the typical ectomorph shape, if anyone knows what it means.
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