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Originally Posted by makemehavefun View Post
Man, I really wish I had an experience that involved someone who was 'nice', 'helpful' or 'knowledgeable'. My experience involved "Category 1" at three different Corporate stores and one 'Premium Retailer'.

Ok, I lied a little bit. When I finally just returned my 2nd Fascinate in order to get one at BestBuy for their protection plan(thereby eliminating any further interaction with Verizon store employees), the lady was very nice and didn't drop an attitude on me. It was like a breath of fresh, clean, mountain spring air... paradise really.

Your niece now works for Verizon and if she wants to keep her job then she can't really 'rock the boat' in a commissioned-sales environment like that. I know this from experience. Just please remind her to not lose her 'soul' in the process and stay 'human'. People may disagree with me, but in my experience when it comes to 'retail', friendliness and basic respect always trumps 'knowledge'. GL to her.
Yeah she's actually been there a few months now. Your experiences are much like mine and everyone elses here. I think my percentages are right on. Its literally 80%, 4 out of 5 which are rotten applies. And of the 1 out of 5 who isnt a rotten apple [like my niece] 4 out of 5 of those good apples arent knowledge. Still like you say I'd rather have friendly than knowledgeable. I am knowledgeable enough for both of us. I mean the day I got my SF's the glad who rang me up hadnt even seen the SF. I love my niece but I still remember when I first dropped the term Froyo on her a month ago [this is after she has been working at VZW for at least a month]. She was like "whats Froyo?" God bless her indeed she at least is friendly and you know what people reward friendliness. She does well because she already has the reputation as the friendly girl. She'll do fine even if she could stand to increase and broaden her knowledge base. That's at least something she can read up on. There isnt really a book for the A-hole personality

And just so I stay on topic: I disabled gmail auto syncing entirely. I put my 2 gmail accounts in the regular email app and will just check manually. I dont get much gmail anyway as they are my secondary emails
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