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I just cancelled my Best Buy insurance last Tuesday because of the horrible experience I had when I tried to turn in my phone because of 4G connection issues. They very much try to deter anyone from using it. Here are a number of reasons why I didn't avail my insurance from Best Buy.

1. According to the Geek Squad personnel I was talking to when I was trying to turn in my phone for service that it would take AT LEAST 30 days for them to fix the issue. Which was completely different when they were trying to pitch their insurance to me which was 2 weeks.

2. I have to pay $150 deposit for a cheap loaner phone.

3. The Geek Squad personnel even told me that it's okay to go ahead and accept the Sprint replacement phone even when I told him that I spoke to a Best Buy CSR on the phone and she advised me to turn the phone in to Best Buy because they won't honor the replacement phone for service if I did. Imagine if I would've accepted the replacement phone and kept on paying for Best Buy insurance, then they won't even honor fixing it because I did accept the replacement phone.

I was pissed at the experience. I've always bought electronics in Best Buy, but because of this experience, I don't plan on visiting Best Buy for anything again!

I already received my replacement phone, and when I called Sprint CS, they offered me TEP, which I gladly accepted. I see when a company values my business and I can see if I'm taken for a ride and just want my money for something not worth it.

All my future electronics business would be from another company, Best Buy can kiss my behind.
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