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I've been feeling better about mine this week. My biggest challenge is that I get a very lousy signal at work which makes gauging my battery a lot more complicated. It used to be with the Storm 2 and light usage, I had to have it on the charger by 1:00 to get through the day. The same thing with the Fascinate. But the last couple of days I've made it ALL DAY with light usage without having to charge. I think the Fascinate is holding a better signal than the Storm did.

If I can get through a "work day" (i.e. from the time I get up in the a.m. until I get home in the evening which is approximately 10 - 12 hours) without worrying about the battery dying I'm happy. I did notice that when I changed from one of the "picture" built in wallpapers to a dark one, my battery life seemed to significantly increase. I would never have thought a "pretty picture" wallpaper would have that negative in impact but in my case it seems it did. I don't use my phone for talking much at all...I'm mostly multimedia and email use.

I'm looking forward to gauging it this weekend when I will have good signal throughout the day.
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