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Originally Posted by BPHusker View Post
I experienced this charging problem for the first time last Saturday when trying to charge with my *SPRINT* car charger. I really didn't think anything of it because their charger seems to take 2-3 times as long to charge as the cable that came in the box. Well anyway, last night it started happening with the home charger and this morning the thing won't charge at all, even with wiggling. I'm heading to the Sprint repair store today and hoping that they will replace it as this looks more widespread than I thought.

I have a Version: 002 and a build date on the battery cover of: DT10.04.21
So I headed over to the Sprint store yesterday to see if I could get a replacement. After getting "I've never heard of this problem", he ended up taking it apart and looking at it and came back out and said they were going to order me another one. They said they could get it in today, but most likely Monday.

So the question I have is, what is the best way to back everything up? Is there any way to backup Texts and such without rooting?
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