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I used K9 for 5 email accounts, couple POP, couple IMAP.

Question: how do I/what setting do I use to have my trashed emails EMPTIED. I seem to only be able to do it manually but can't find where (or if I can) to have the trash empty manually. Is there an auto-expunge?? Because the "expunge" option in the menu doesn't seem to empty the trash. Polling also doesn't seem to empty the trash.

I am NOT concerned with syncing with my accounts...just getting the trash ON MY PHONE emptied.

I was looking at my K9 app size one day and it was 20MB which is HUGE. So I looked around at what sorta data could have been associated with the app and found pretty much ALL my deleted emails still in the trash!! The ONLY way it seemed that I could empty the trash was MANUALLY: Menu...Folder List...Menu...EMPTY TRASH *(or long way...scroll to Trash....Select All and DELETE (with the little trash icon)).

Any way to have this done AUTOMATICALLY??

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