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seems bluetooth on sense is a hit or miss prop. as it appears HTC supplied a bastardized stack, numerous problems reported on web, maybe you've seen my posts on the original 228 pg thread related to connecting to my auto's but weirdly enough connects to my Jabra headset.

The 2 AOSP roms, CM & Ruby, state corrected bluetooth although I don't know if that is for HID, SPP or both, haven't tested either as there were other issues.

Seems a poster dnoyeb has some familiarity as he compiled certain source to correct the bluetooth media audio on Ruby. [rom] Ruby 1.1.1 Bug Fixes and an Announcement - Page 41 - xda-developers post 408,
and supplied a zip file upgrade page 48 post 479.
He also reports on the miul groups newly discovered Radio Interface Layer a few posts back 474.

rdmerck posted a link to the HTC source Bluetooth Issues: Could they be resolved by modifying a Rom? - xda-developers post 5.

I haven't downloaded the AOSP source yet would love to do an sdiff between HTC's and the AOSP source, maybe next week as soon ass I pick which Ubuntu machine to sacrifice.

From what I've read and I've read a lot I really like your rom, I like sense and would hate to give it up to gain bluetooth connectivity to my autos but my state is really getting strict and rightfully so.

Hope this helps.
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