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Default Flashing using ODIN


General Note:Flashing may refer to both methods. However, Method 2 requires files to already be on the phone. Therefore if you semi-bricked your phone, method 1 is usually the preferred way to fix it.

General Note 2: Flashing firmware and/or factory resets will WIPE your APN settings. Make sure you are using the right APN if that is a possible issue with your provider.

Important General Note: Several batches of phones that were sold have the download-mode button combo disabled (VolumeDown+Home+Power or alternatively Home+Power on some phones). Check if the download-mode combo works BEFORE flashing! Please refer to FAQ#A12 and T&T#23 for a fix for the download mode if it doesn't work on your phone!


1.Flash Firmware and kernels using Odin.

Note: This will in (almost) all cases erase all your data and applications (includind root!). It will NOT touch the internal or external SD card.

-Odin3 version 1.7 (Note: Odin should be on the system partition (the partition where windows is installed) to avoid possible issues)
-".PIT" file for the Samsung Galaxy S (See FAQ#B9 or the source of the FW for the version to use! Not needed for kernel flashes)
-USB cable
-Desired firmware package or desired kernel package
All of the above packages (except for the cable) can be downloaded from

  1. Open ODIN. (And close Kies, if you have it open. It is important to have ODIN open BEFORE connection the phone via USB!)
  2. Select the PDA/Modem/CSC/.PIT files in Odin. (.PIT and PDA are required. CSC and Modem are HIGHLY recommended. They may be necessary depending on the PDA! Try flashing all three BEFORE reporting bugs, if you only used one initially!)
  3. Check the "Re-Partition" checkbox.
  4. Turn the phone into the download mode by pressing and holding VolumeDown+Home+Power.
  5. Connect your phone with your computer and wait until the drivers are installed.
  6. When the drivers are installed, click Start.
  7. The phone will be flashed and once itís finished, it will boot up. (Do NOT disconnect the usb-cable, remove the battery or otherwise interrupt this process!)
  8. You have successfully flashed your phone.

I have removed the instructions for flashing Custom ROMs because the instructions for individual roms can vary greatly. So use the set of instructions provided by the developer instead
Note: Most Froyo firmwares do no longer have recovery 2e but instead have recovery 3e. This means that they cannot install unverified files (which we cannot generate). In order to successfully apply updates on those firmwares, you need to install a kernel with 2e recovery (like the one used by chainfire for rooting)

If that is the case, flash to an Eclair firmware first using ODIN
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