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I had to wipe my eyes and re read some of these posts.


No one would do a flipping thing for me and I ended being $140 poorer to get a working... refurbished... Evo. Never to see my brand new, babied one, ever again.

If anyone cares to read my story, here it is in the shrotest/readable form I can provide it.

A little backstory: I pre-ordered my Evo in May and convinced many people to switch to Sprint and get the Evo. I made Sprint and HTC a pretty good amount of sales here. Just showing a little bit of input I gave to these companies and how much I trusted them both.

Fast forward to July, my phone which I had in full shield and case not to mention I BABIED this phone constantly, stops charging out of nowhere. I went to a Sprint repair center and they told me there was nothing they could do about it. So I call HTC and explain my problem, she says it's fine for them to replace it under warranty as long as the warranty stickers are in tact and there is no water damage. So I send the phone off.

A week passes with no call from HTC. In the mean time I am using a Hero and it's making me miserable. I won't even get started with that. Anyhow I NEED my Evo back since I use it for work (Exchange and Remote Desktop are best friends for a technician in I.T.) so I call HTC.

"A technician will be contacting you shortly, but they're not repairing it. This is a very common issue amongst Evo owners but it's because of abuse and neglect."

Common issue? Hello..? This is clearly a manufacturer defect and not completely cause by users if it's THAT common. No phone I have EVER owned had this issue.


I get off the phone with this rep and wait for my phone call. Nothing.

After a day or two I call back again, they tell me they "assumed I just abandoned my phone" and give me a spiel about how it's going to cost me $240 to fix the phone. I humbly decline and just ask for my broken phone back. I end up having to PAY A FORTY DOLLAR TRIAGE FEE just to get my broken phone back.

At this point I am so ticked, I just want my phone back and pay the stupid triage fee. I am then promised a 3 to 5 business day expectancy to receive my phone. A week later, still no phone. I call HTC once AGAIN. The phone hasn't even been shipped yet; HTC can't even fulfill their own promises. I go into a week long process of calling every... single... day. "Hello... Has my phone shipped yet?.... Why not?... Can you find out why?... WHY NOT?"

It get's "escalated" to a different department which requires a 5 to 7 business day turn around for a response. By this time, I am in complete disbelief of the incredibly awful customer service from such a big company.

Finally after constant legal threats about holding my $500 phone hostage and multiple supervisors spoken to later, I'm finally promised a ship date and a call back confirming it was shipped. Would you be surprised by this promise date that I *gasp* DIDN'T GET A CALL BACK?

I call myself once again, and yes she confirms it was shipped. I asked out of good customer service that any other reasonable, decent company should give if I could have my triage fee reimbursed. "No. We do not reimburse triage fees" ok, not very fair considering the trouble you've put me through and the promises you have broken, could I get next day shipping to get it back soon? "No. It is being sent FedEx Ground."

Nothing? I get NOTHING out of all this bull crap except my $40 stolen and a month without my phone? I can guarantee that my constant calls to get updates cost their company more than my measly $40. It's a matter of principal. Satisfy your customer. HTC did not give a rats fuzzy rear about anything. They had my money, they blew me off.

I would SWEAR they were messing with me. Seriously.

In any event, I called Asurion who sent me a good phone in a matter of two days. Got the good and the bad on the same day with timing and sent off the bad to Asurion.

I now have a working phone after my $100 deductible and my $40 make-me-miserable fee from HTC.

It was a month long nightmare and the entire time I had to deal with the slow, freezing, practically useless Hero.

After all the sales I got for HTC I completely regretted it and vow to never get a phone from HTC ever again.

As a matter of fact, being an IT professional I am constantly asked about gadgets and gizmos. I used to CONSTANTLY recommend HTC phones and I will never do that again either. The way they have treated me will end up costing them a lot more than they realize. The power of word of mouth is amazing and a strict example of why you always take care of your customers.

Totally unacceptable; I've had some bad customer service before but this was seriously unbelievable.
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