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Originally Posted by AndroidSPCS View Post
You are making a HUGE assumption on the part of a lot of other people.

I'd advise you to keep quiet unless you have PROOF that they abused their phones.

It is not unheard of to have manufacturing defects.

Just because you may have gotten a phone that had good quality assurance, does not guarantee that others did. So why be so quick to condemn other people when you have no idea of how they treat their phones? Several people here have stated they baby their phones, I have no reason to doubt them because it's highly unlikely these people are all in some sort of conspiracy to defraud Sprint / HTC or fool us.
All it takes is for someone's foot to catch the cable as it charges the EVO and BAM you damaged the charging port. Or you are constantly trying to shove the cable into the port the wrong way. Have you dropped your EVO lately? Yeah, that could knock the port loose as well. All it takes is one good drop or constantly using the wrong cable to cause this problem. It's not a freaking defect. I'm for certain machines put these phones together and I HIGHLY doubt a machine caused this port problem. If you had a weak port you would notice it from day 1!
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