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Originally Posted by riskaa View Post
Hi there,
I need some help with Tasker. I'd appreciate any advice on getting these 2 profiles/tasks to work.

I want my Home profile to:
1) enable Wifi when i'm near my SSID - got this done.
2) disable K9 syncing -
I tried to kill app K9, but that doesn't seem to work.
I also tried to disable auto-sync, and that didn't seem to work either.
I downloaded a K9 Data Killer widget, and could enable this...but i don't know how?

Not sure how to do it, what I do know is that on Froyo you can not kill any apps anymore, we are all disappointed by that. Also auto-sync is for your Gmail accounts (gmail, contacts, calendar, etc). I am completely unfamiliar with K9 because I have my other accounts forward my mail to Gmail so I only use the Gmail app.

Any ideas? I just don't need my email to sync when i'm at home.

2) I set up a Driving Task Widget that
a) loads app Custom Car Home
b) waits 15 second and takes a call on speakerphone, if the phone rings

What i need to do is one of two things:
1) enable Safereader on Vlingo or
2) enable Driving Mode (on my Samsung Vibrant,this is under Menu/Settings/TexttoSpeech/Driving Mode)

I am not familiar with Vlingo at all, there is another app that will read everything for you that works with tasker, I forget the name of it though. I will try to find it tomorrow. I am also not familiar with the Vibrant but there may be something in the audio tasks??

Any help on these would be great.

I have one last question (for now). Under 3rd party apps -there are 4 available apps does one add other apps to this?

You can not. It has to be enabled by the app developer. If there is a particular app that you would like supported by tasker the best you can do is email the developer of that app and let them know.

Thanks in advance,

I know that wasn't too helpful, but I'll try to get you some more info tomorrow
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