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Originally Posted by fltblkvic View Post
Ok so my calculator works, I didn't have to do anything either it just works. I did have a couple of problems though when it came to certain pre-installed apps. After I did the V0.3 upgrade everything was working flawlessly, or at least everything I tried. I felt confident that I could do the A2SD by creating a partition on my (stock, class 4) SD card. I went through and followed the instructions provided by savoxis and I even tested it afterward and things seemed fine. A few of the pre-installed apps (barnacle, spare parts, astro, testing app, Velocity about app, Velocity tips widget) stopped working, matter of fact they only came up through the applications manager in the settings menu, and then they didn't have proper icons or proper names, so I uninstalled them, re-downloaded and re-installed them and now they work fine. Also, when I connect my phone to my computer (Windows XP Pro laptop) I can't see the application partition (ext3), however I do see it in Astro File Manager. Additionally, I can't seem to install the LG Clock & Weather Widget that I downloaded from the list on page one of this thread (Trident's links in the first post), I assume it's because I can't install it on internal memory. I did notice a sluggish response initially, then I re-installed Advanced Task Killer (Ayal Team application) and then things seemed to speed up. I know there is an "Optimized Native Process Manager" with "*No need to use task killers*", but perhaps something isn't working right with it and that's the cause for laggy installs. Like always, I'm just passing along observations. Great work Trident, another great leap for a side note device!
Did you partiton your sdcard after flashing velocity v0.3? If so thats the wrong method as i have encountered errors with downloaded apps. You should partion the sdcard before flashing velocity. You will not see the ext partiton in windows because windows does not support or use the ext file system, linux does. You will need some 3rd party program for that or install a linux distro.
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