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Originally Posted by Bitbang3r View Post
Has anybody who was told they'd have to pay $100 for an Asurion replacement *anyway* tried fixing it themselves with a hot air rework tool? OK, admittedly, not everyone owns one, but assuming this is a case of the port coming away from the circuit board traces (as opposed to delaminating the traces from the circuit board itself, or pins breaking), it should be fairly easy to remove the port, put a few dots of solder paste on the anchor points (apparently, HTC didn't even solder the anchor points correctly), wick and flux the pads, then solder the port back down (probably, better and more securely than it was the first time).
It is my understanding the USB connector is not at fault really. Its the solder points that crack off the Motherboard and cause this issue. Because of normal use (pushing in and pulling out of the cable) the solder that connects the Female USB port to the Motherboard cracks and causes a loose intermittent connection. IMO its the fault of HTC for not soldering the connections properly and or not designing the connector in a way to remove the stress off the solder pins. In most cases all that needs to be done is to have the USB port re soldered to the Motherboard to fix the issue. Now how long the new solder holds until it cracks again could be another story because of the poor design. You can be sure Sprint and HTC are well aware of this problem and to avoid having to replace and pay for a gazillion connector repairs or worse replacement handsets, they devised "the customer abuse story" its quite obvious to me.
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