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Originally Posted by tqlla View Post
Let me ask you something. How many times have you broken your phone, while in the states... and not on purpose? In the last 10 years. I have broken 0 phones. Savings 7x12x10=$840.

$840 buys me a 46" Sony LED HDTV. People dont understand the value of the dollar, any more. Thats why people get nickle and dimed to death. The insurance and warranty companies make money hand over fist selling these plans.

If my EVO dies, there is an HTC hero on ebay for less than $150. I can manage till june.
If my EVO dies 8 months from now... I can buy the next new phone.

The problem in this thread is a Quality issue. If a Phones charge port breaks because you are unplugging the phone..... then the port is weak, or the cable is too stiff. Either way, it shouldnt be an insurance issue. Even if I had insurance, I wouldnt want to pay $100... because the phone has an obvious factory defect.
I can add something else too, it appears there is no real strain relief or mechanical anchor point for the charging port aside from the solder joints themselves. If I experience the same issues I'll crack the case and fix the solder joints myself.

Also, Einstein mentions it was a cheap cable. Someone please tell me how the micro USB cables I have makes any difference in how the port on my handset behaves? I believe the cable in one of my cars is from a Palm Pre from more than a year ago. I realize it's somewhat of a rhetorical question as I already know the answer but I had to ask anyway.

I also never purchase insurance for my handsets and i've been using these things for 25 years now. I see no need and the risk is worth it to me. I can't abide the handset insurance scam when they prompt you for a $100 deductible. Well, no thanks.
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